Couriers Go Green

Training and Certification

The COURIERS GO GREEN Educational Package

Welcome to the Couriers Go Green (CGG) Course, a comprehensive educational package designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of personnel in last-mile freight transport. Our course focuses on critical areas for the green shift of operations in courier, postal, and delivery services, as well as public authorities responsible for policy-making and management. Through a combination of lectures, presentations and hands-on practice, participants will gain practical experience in using the CGG “Measure my Green Readiness” Self-Assessment Tool, as well as develop essential skills for greening operations. The course is structured to accommodate different types of organisations, positions, and interests, with a total time commitment ranging from 30 to 40 hours, including one e-Test per module. Participants will receive a certification confirming their knowledge and skills acquired upon successful completion.

Measure my
Green Readiness