Couriers Go Green


Welcome to the Couriers Go Green (CGG) Course, a comprehensive educational package designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of personnel in last-mile freight transport. Our course focuses on critical areas for the green shift of operations in courier, postal, and delivery services, as well as public authorities responsible for policy-making and management. Through a combination of lectures, presentations and hands-on practice, participants will gain practical experience, develop essential skills for greening last mile operations and obtain the Couriers-Go-Green Professional Certification, which confirms the knowledge acquired on greening last mile operations.

The course is composed of three educational modules (A. Governance, B. Management, C. Operation), one Hands-on practice module and the e-Test, which provides the Certification.

Depending on the interests of each participant, there are three tracks for which the Certification may be issued:
• Module A. and Module B.
• Module A. and Module C.
• Module A., Module B. and Module C.

Completion of Hands-on practice and the e-Test, is required for the Certification issuance. Depending on the selected track, the course is expected to be completed within 30-40 hours.


Module A: Governance

A1. European Union’s policy and legislative framework on green city logistics

A2. Opportunities for funding and supporting the green transition of urban freight transportation

A3. Planning for sustainable cities with green urban logistics

Module B: Management

B1. New Mobility Services: Solutions and business models for urban transportation

B2. Learning by example#1. Exchange of good practice

B3. Connected and automated mobility and future city logistics

B4. Learning by example#2. Exchange of good practice

Module C: Operation

C1. Big data and information sharing applications for urban logistics

C2. Greening courier/postal/delivery services: Transport operations

C3. Greening courier/postal/delivery services: Facilities and non-transport operations

C4. Learning by example#3. Exchange of good practice

Module D

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