Couriers Go Green

Couriers Go Green Framework

The Couriers Go Green Framework outlines a comprehensive methodology for developing and updating green strategies in the courier and logistics industry, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. It provides a structured approach, including phases and steps, to guide companies from the transportation sector in creating effective green shift strategies.

The methodology covers essential aspects such as research, SWOT analysis, and identifying key performance indicators. It also emphasizes the involvement of various stakeholders, including sustainability experts, operations teams, project managers, and communication managers, to ensure the successful development and implementation of green strategies. The document highlights the need for thorough review, revision, and continuous improvement of the strategy document to ensure clarity, coherence, and completeness. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of monitoring, evaluation, risk assessment, resource allocation, training, and support to enable the successful implementation of green initiatives.

The Couriers Go Green Framework provides a detailed workflow for updating a green strategy, including the involvement of a strategy update working group and practical considerations for drafting the strategy document. It also emphasizes the establishment of monitoring mechanisms to track the implementation of the strategy. Overall, the Couriers Go Green Framework offers valuable insights and guidelines for companies aiming to prioritize sustainability and align their operations with green practices in the transportation and logistics sector.


1. Introduction

2. Methodology workflow of the Framework

3. Set up a New Green Strategy

4. Update a Green Strategy

5. Framework and the TOOLBOX

6. Conclusions

7. Resources