Couriers Go Green


Welcome to the Couriers Go Green Education and Training Course! Our course is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills for the green shift of last-mile freight transport operations. It is structured to primarily target personnel of courier, postal, and delivery services, as well as public authorities responsible for policy-making and management. Additionally, the course is open to transport and logistics and climate and environment strategy consultants, researchers, and companies.

The key topics covered in the CGG Course include the European Union’s policy and legislative framework on green city logistics, opportunities for funding and supporting the green transition of urban freight transportation, planning for sustainable cities with green urban logistics, new mobility services, connected and automated mobility, big data and information sharing applications for urban logistics, and individual project assignment workshops.

The learning outcomes encompass updated knowledge of funding programs, career advancement, and up-skilling initiatives in the “green economy” of city logistics, experience using digital tools and guides to implement the green shift, and an understanding of future technological trends in urban mobility and freight transportation.