Couriers Go Green

Current State

The State Analysis Assessment Report is the first deliverable output of the COURIERS GO GREEN project, which is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the green transition of courier and transportation operations. It outlines the EU policy framework for sustainability, including targets and strategies for sustainable mobility, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by at least 90% by 2050. The report also discusses state analysis methods and tools, such as carbon footprint calculation, life cycle management, sustainable transport planning, green procurement, eco-friendly packaging, energy-efficient vehicles, buildings, and equipment, automated and digital operations, employee engagement and education, collaboration/networking with private and public organisations, regularly monitoring and reporting progress and certification.

The document details the methodology and results of the questionnaire survey and interviews conducted to collect information from various stakeholder groups, including courier, postal, and delivery services, public authorities, transport & logistics consultants, and research institutions.

The report emphasizes the importance of adopting environmentally friendly policies to ensure that courier, postal, and delivery service organizations operate efficiently and sustainably. It also reveals the extent to which stakeholders are aware of and engaged in transitioning to sustainable practices. The report sheds light on the importance of employee training and certification programs to develop “green” skills, and their impact on sustainable and efficient operations. Additionally, the document provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of sustainable practices in the transportation and logistics sector, including the extent to which organisations participate in actions, initiatives, and networks for promoting the green transition.

Overall, the report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to sustainable courier and transportation operations. It encompasses policy frameworks, state analysis, stakeholder perspectives, and strategic planning for a greener future in the European Union.


1. Introduction

2. State analysis of methods and tools

3. Overview of the EU policy framework

4. Questionnaire survey and interviews

5. Conclusive remarks

6. Main References