Conclusions Addressing the dynamic landscape of couriers and logistics, the need to develop a robust framework becomes evident, given the current sustainability challenges inherent in these sectors. From the ecological impact of transportation to the efficient management of supply chains, a comprehensive framework is essential for navigating and mitigating the complexities that inhibit the industry’s […]

Methodology Workflow of the Framework

Methodology workflow of the Framework Depending on the company’s maturity level, the methodology follows two different approaches. Thus, the first step is to identify whether the companies have an existing Green Strategy and wish to update it, or if there is a non-existent Green Strategy and they wish to set it up. Figure 2 depicts […]


References Karjalainen, Linda E., and Sirkku Juhola. 2019. “Framework for Assessing Public Transportation Sustainability in Planning and Policy-Making” Sustainability 11, no. 4: 1028. Jin Li, Qihui Lu, and Peihua Fu, 2015, Carbon Footprint Management of Road Freight Transport under the Carbon Emission Trading Mechanism Jin, Mathematical Problems in Engineering Volume 2015, Article ID 814527, Michael Bernon, Benny Tjahjono & Eva Faja Ripanti (2018) Aligning retail […]

Framework and TOOLBOX

Connection between the Framework and the TOOLBOX As already mentioned, the present framework has been incorporated in a TOOLBOX. The TOOLBOX is available in the following LINK. The TOOLBOX is a multi-component platform that guides the responsible to all Phases and Steps in order to set up a new strategy, or update a current one, […]

UPDATE a Green Strategy

Methodology to UPDATE a Green Strategy Phase 1: Revision of the assessment of green status of the company Revision of a company’s assessment of its green status is an important process to ensure that the company meets its goals and makes progress toward a more sustainable future. The upcoming phase will follow the same approach […]

Set Up a NEW Green Strategy

Methodology to set up a NEW Green Strategy Phase 1: Assessment of the green status of the company Introduction to Phase 1 The primary objective of Phase 1 is to evaluate the Couriers and Logistics companies’ potential for a green shift by characterising their current green status. This process involves analysing different factors related to […]


Introduction Strategic planning plays a crucial role for businesses and organizations aiming to align long-term sustainability objectives with the overall organizational strategy. In the transportation and logistics sector, strategic planning green frameworks offer valuable tools for companies seeking to make a green shift to their operations. These frameworks address key environmental challenges and emphasize the […]