Main References

Main References Eltis. (2019. 05 28). Sustainable Transport System. Forrás: The Urban Mobility Observatory: Eltis. (2021. 06 02). The Urban Mobility Observatory. Forrás: The SUMP Concept: European Commission. (2013). Employment in the EU transport sector. European Union. European Commission. (2019). The European Green Deal, COM(2019) 640 final. European Commission. European Commission. (2020). Sustainable […]

Conclusive remarks

Conclusive remarks The transportation of goods and people is constantly increasing due to economic growth and the needs of the global market. For example, the raising trends of e-commerce, deriving from the development of ICTs but also from the restrictions of the Covid-19 period, persist, creating rising demand for freight transport. Largely depending on fossil […]

Questionnaire survey and interviews

Questionnaire survey and interviews Questionnaire survey methodology The questionnaire was addressed to two groups of stakeholders, i.e.: Main target group, namely courier, postal and delivery services and public authorities responsible for policy making and management Secondary target group, namely transport & logistics as well as climate and environmental strategy consultants, research institutions and other relevant […]

State analysis of methods and tools

State analysis of methods and tools Carbon footprint calculation Methods that companies can use to quantify their greenhouse gas emissions and identify areas for improvement are: Carbon footprint calculation: This method involves measuring and quantifying the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the company’s transportation activities, such as fuel consumption, vehicle usage, and transportation […]

Overview of the EU policy framework

Overview of the EU policy framework In view of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, the EU has set ambitious targets for a fair and inclusive transition towards the decarbonization of the European economy (European Commission, 2019). According to the EU smart and sustainable mobility strategy (European Commission, 2020), the target is […]


The transport sector is responsible for about a quarter of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, with 95% of energy for transport depending on fossil fuel (United Nations, 2021). Freight transport and supply chain operations correspond to a significant share of the impact of transportation on climate change and air quality. Last-mile deliveries are constantly increasing. […]