Couriers Go Green


Underpin Courier and Transportation Companies to Green their Operations

Our Objectives

The overall objectives of the “Couriers Go Green” project are to support courier and transportation companies in adopting greener practices, assess their environmental impact, decrease emissions while increasing efficiency, develop a green strategy, equip individuals with green skills, and provide training and awareness.

Underpin Courier and Transportation Companies: The project aims to support courier and transportation companies make their operations greener, enhance their environmental performance, and promote sustainability.

Assess Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact: The project seeks to help courier companies evaluate their carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment resulting from their activities.

Decrease Emissions and Increase Efficiency: The project aims to develop a methodology that assists the target group in reducing emissions while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

Develop Green Strategy: The project aims to provide courier companies with the necessary tools and methods to develop a Green Strategy, optimizing and redesigning their operations with an environmentally friendly approach.

Equip Individuals with Green Skills: The project intends to provide courier employees with green-certifiable skills and environmental awareness to play a crucial role in the transition toward greener practices.

Training and Awareness: The project seeks to provide open, accessible, interactive, inclusive, and innovative training and awareness programs to courier and postal operator personnel, engaging them in implementing green initiatives.